Flexibility Through Choices

Harnessing Control Of Shipments From Origin To Destination

Challenges Our Client Faced

Our client could not obtain space and equipment from its contracted carrier during a 2009 capacity crisis in Asia. Without visibility at origin, our client often was unaware of rollovers or booking cancellations until it was too late. This caused the company to miss obligations to its customers, resulting in lost sales, penalties, and damaged relationships.

As suppliers began contacting local forwarders in China to move freight, our client found it increasingly difficult to provide timely and accurate Importer Security Filing (ISF) data for Customs. This loss of control and visibility significantly degraded our client’s supply chain integrity, performance, and compliance.

Why Laufer

Working with Laufer, our client was able to tap into our network of in-country agents and access our fully integrated booking system. Our operations team and agents around the world, linked on a common IT platform, could easily monitor and update booking information and notify our client of options and updates right away.

Laufer's Solutions

We customized a solution that integrated our Contract Management Program and Choices ProgramSM. The solution enabled our client to better manage bookings at origin and evaluate multiple carrier options for every booking and purchase order. This allowed our client to take advantage of the best space and equipment available.

The Laufer Difference

Using Laufer’s integrated, single-source solution, our client quickly solved its space and equipment challenges. Our client adapted its supply chain to satisfy specific seasonal trade and commercial requirements. Using the Contract Management and Choices Programs, our client improved:

  • Visibility, from booking inception through delivery confirmation regardless of carrier – all from a single portal at laufer.com. With visibility at origin, our client can make informed decisions in minutes, not days, about speed, cost, and capacity for every purchase order.
  • Compliance, by having Laufer capture and analyze shipping information and transmit accurate and timely ISF filings to Customs. Our client can log into laufer.com to review all filings, Customs confirmations, and archived transmissions.
  • Flexibility, to adapt to frequent supply chain challenges and shifting seasonal demands.

As a result, our client now has the control and flexibility it needs in a more reliable operating platform to keep up with its customers’ demands and ensure its compliance with ISF filings.

Knowing your options means taking more control of your shipments. Laufer’s Choices ProgramSM suggests carrier and cost alternatives when we send your booking confirmation. This gives you the freedom to modify your shipping schedules according to your business priorities and budget.