As a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or some combination of these, you have specific needs and requirements when importing furniture and home furnishings. Our experience and history serving the furniture industry gives us insights and expertise others don’t have. This perspective allows us to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific challenges.  


What makes Laufer different is our focus on delivering unequaled customer service. From start to finish, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with, never hiding behind the complexities of the shipping industry. Committed to open communication and transparency, we give you confidence that your shipments are being proactively managed at every step. We take the worry out of international logistics.

Meeting Complex Needs

At Laufer, we know the details and complexities associated with managing capacity, diverse buying and selling relationships, multiple importer of record arrangements, direct container programs and the other specifics that make your shipping needs unique. We work with you to develop customized SOPs to ensure that even the most complex requirements are met. Our team handles the details of every ship-to location. We become your single point of contact for all your logistics needs.

Even in an ideal world, things can change in an instant. When this happens, the ability to react is critical. Our team approach to your business allows us to minimize the impact of unforeseen challenges. Laufer gives you the tools to customize each shipment and change priorities during transit to accommodate for an ever-changing world.

Tracking and Visibility

Laufer’s online tracking and visibility system is simple and straightforward, yet powerful enough to allow you to quickly manage your new bookings and see the real time status of your active shipments. We make it easy for you to administer your international logistics program.

The Laufer tracking portal enables complete shipment visibility from PO to delivery confirmation, and much more, including:

  • P.O. and SKU-level visibility
  • Container status summary
  • IES filing status
  • Customs entry status
  • Electronic document storage
  • Door delivery confirmations and auto-alerts
  • Hot shipment status
  • Last free day
  • Booking summary visibility
  • Reporting tools
  • Drop-shipment visibility program

Trans-Pacific Expertise

The majority of finished goods and components for the furniture industry come from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. We got our start serving Trans-Pacific customers and that legacy is evident today. Our extensive network of contacts and agents allows us to offer a range of services and carrier options from all major ports in Southeast Asia. From manufacturer, to port, to destination, Laufer’s service network provides flexibility to meet your needs.

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