Innovative Solutions Help Improve Supply Chain Control

A Distinctive Approach For A Distinctive Business Advantage

Challenges Our Client Faced

Although enjoying a robust business, this client was mired in less-than-container load (LCL) international shipments moving along cumbersome routes. LCL shipments arrived, were sorted, and shipped again through multiple facilities, risking:

  • Freight damages
  • Importer Security Filings (ISF) issues
  • Sorting errors
  • Lack of visibility and reporting
  • Customs delays and potential charges
  • Increasing costs due to lack

Why Laufer

The client had been impressed with Laufer through prior engagements. The client expanded its relationship with Laufer to improve its supply chain control using Laufer’s sophisticated supply chain management tools and vendor consolidation capabilities.

Laufer's Solutions

Laufer worked closely with the client to fully understand its issues and develop solutions that would fit best. Laufer developed a multi-vendor consolidation program in Asia to help:

  • Fill containers that could be shipped directly to a single port
  • Minimize damage and deter pilfering
  • Eliminate customs exams and associated costs
  • Make transit times more predictable and reliable

Today, Laufer ships master consolidations in full containers directly to a central location, where they are cleared and delivered more easily than before.

Building on our online PeerPlusTM visibility tool, which offers real-time shipment status information, Laufer integrated all of the client’s supply chain information, ensuring the data is readily available and easily updated.

The Laufer Difference

Laufer’s different approach gave this client a distinctive business advantage. Laufer’s extensive knowledge of the client’s business, product line, and commitment to its customers helped give the client the pinpoint control over its supply chain that would grow its success. Laufer’s consolidation/container planning solutions streamlined delivery times, cutting costs, improving delivery quality, and speeding transit time by 14 days. Laufer’s customized technology solutions for better supply chain visibility give the client greater flexibility to make critical decisions along the route based on business demands. This is a level of control the company did not have before, and one that is serving to improve its business.

Using Laufer’s PeerPlus™ visibility tool, the client can log into a secure account to access real-time information to track its assets and make critical business decisions. This sample shows how the client can see a complete list of bookings, access details for each, and make any necessary shipping changes based on the demands of the business.

  • A Bookings window
  • B Click column headers to sort
  • C Click booking numbers for details
  • D Export information to an Excel file
  • E Manipulate the Excel spreadsheet
  • F Control shipments at origin using data to customize consolidations and reduce LCL shipments

Supply Chain COntrol