Laufer Creates Trucking Council                                                                                                               

February 28, 2018



Laufer’s Position Regarding ELD:  We at Laufer perform a significant number of import and export ocean container drays for our customers – well over 25,000 per year (out of 70,000+ containers that are moving through our network annually).  We haven’t seen a disruption in services impacting both importers and exporters like what we are experiencing today since Hanjin’s bankruptcy in 2016, and there is no immediate relief that we can foresee. 


So What Are We Doing?:  In order to better understand what is truly happening with trucking capacity and the challenges posed by the new ELD regulation (and a host of other issues impacting trucking today), we at Laufer created a small Trucking Council of local, regional and national carriers as an advisory and feedback group.  Our goal from the outset was to better understand the regulation and its impact, to educate our teams and customer community what the trade is experiencing, how this is impacting you, and what solutions there may be moving forward.


Who’s on the Council?  We felt it was important to invite a diverse group of trucking companies to participate.  So we reached out to our customer service teams throughout the US to seek their input on who would be best to participate, knowing that we wanted a combination of local, regional, national and truck broker companies represented.  We also invited drivers to be part of the conversation.  Their feedback has been invaluable. 


Themes:  In our conversations so far we have focused on the following themes:

1.        What is the impact of the new ELD regulation on drivers?

2.       What is the impact of the new ELD regulation on trucking companies?

3.       How is this impacting importers and exporters?

4.       Where is the new ELD regulation having the biggest impact?

5.       What are ocean carriers doing when they are contractually obligated to perform the trucking services?

6.       What are some of the ways to minimize its impact on the trade?


Many Thanks!  Without the following members of our Council, none of this would have been possible.  As we continue to educate our teams and customers, the input and guidance from this group has been overwhelming.


Cowan Intermodal Group                          Nashville, TN

Universal Intermodal                                 Louisville, KY

Pacific Coast Express                               Sumner, WA

Schmuhl Brothers                                      Kansas City, MO

Sunteck Transport                                     Acton, MA

T.G.S. Transport                                        San Francisco, CA            

Miken Cartage                                           Chicago, IL                                                          






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