June 30, 2017

Maersk and Petya Cyberattack Update


To Our Valued Customers: 


Regarding the situation with Maersk Lines and APMT Terminals, we wanted to share the most recent updates to provide some insight into the impact on the marketplace:


Is Maersk accepting bookings?    Since Tuesday’s Petya cyberattack, Maersk has been unable to accept, process, or release bookings to its customers globally.  From Thursday, June 29th, Maersk was able to accept limited bookings through its partnership with INTTRA but unable to accept through its own platform.  As of Friday, June 30th, we are receiving updates from offices here in the US and abroad that limited bookings are now being accepted for future vessels.  With Maersk systems, EDI connections, email, and voicemail down since Tuesday it has been understandably difficult to receive updates. 


APM Terminal Status:  As of Friday morning, those APM Terminals that were more significantly impacted (Port Elizabeth, NJ for example) have started to process import containers that are Customs and freight released and that arrived prior to the attack, but processing export and empty returns remains limited.  Many APM Terminals have also been unable to accept vessels since Tuesday, and therefore vessels are beginning to stack up at anchor in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and other locations.  At this time, it is unclear when the terminals will be fully operational but Maersk is making significant progress in its efforts to bring their systems back on line.


Anticipated Congestion at Terminals:  Once those vessels that are at anchor are able to be received at the appropriate terminal, we expect congestion to impact container fluidity for both import and export processing through mid-July.  In addition, some vessels are being rerouted from an APM Terminal to a temporary replacement terminal for discharge.  This will help import container availability significantly but will impact export shipment processing, as the export containers will be at the wrong terminal waiting to be loaded.


Space and July 1, 2017 GRI in Asia:  With Maersk effectively losing at least one week of booking activity, and perhaps more as customers have already had to shift bookings to other carriers until the situation normalizes for Maersk, we expect carriers to reevaluate their pricing for July 1, 2017 and may in fact push through a slightly higher TPEB GRI than had been anticipated.  This is highly fluid of course and if all systems can be restored quickly then the impact on space may be limited to the first two weeks in July.


Our priority as we navigate this unprecedented situation, is to keep your cargo flowing as quickly and as seamlessly as possible, given the current conditions – and to communicate effectively along the way.

Thanks for all your support.