To our Employees and Community:


I know that attempts at 'moral building" at this point often fall on cynical ears.  I was asked by my college freshman daughter why Marina and I are working so hard when everyone is staying home and shutting their business.  I asked her:

"If we just shut down, how will we survive?  How will we eat?  How will we replenish our supplies?  How will hot water be available"

"We'll go to the store and buy enough food," she said.

When you go to the store to buy food, you take it to the checkout counter.  A person (who is working) scans your stuff and gives it to the bagger who puts it in a bag.  You then go to your car and drive home, put it in your fridge, cook it on your stove."  How do you get gas in your car?  A person is working at a gas station.  A gas company is working to deliver your gas to the gas station.  A refinery is working to turn oil into gas.

The stuff you bought was loaded on to the shelves by a stock person.  The stock person is able to do this because a truck delivered goods to the store.  That truck had a working driver.  The driver needed to get diesel fuel, so he had to go to a gas station with a working crew to fuel up.  His tires and truck need to be maintained, so repair facilities need to be open.  For repair facilities to be open mechanics have to be working.

The stuff that's being delivered is picked up from a warehouse.  That warehouse needs physical people loading the truck.  It also needs all the support staff issuing bills of lading and dispatching trucks.

Those trucks are picking up goods that are more often than not imported.  For them to do that the container must be delivered to the warehouse.

For the container to be delivered to the warehouse the cargo has to have cleared customs.  For cargo to have cleared customs a customs broker must be working. 

For cargo to get to the point where it clears customs it has to be shipped from overseas.  That means ports need to work, shipping companies need to work, and truckers, warehouses, and delivery companies need to work.

Once it gets to your home, garbage needs to be picked up, oil and gas needs to be delivered, internet services need to be maintained, sewage needs to be pumped, broken air conditioners and heaters need to be fixed.

Do you see the point?  We are an essential service ... it's no joke, and we should take this seriously and be proud of our role in keeping the economy going and allowing people to stay safe.

Are you proud of your role in keeping our economy functioning?  I am!

Stay strong and we will get through this together!



Mark Laufer