PeerPLUS 2.1 puts your supply chain control where it belongs. With you. 

Laufer Group International has expanded its PeerPLUS visibility tool. Built on a solid foundation of the original version, PeerPLUS 2.1 offers new capabilities that enable users to do more than just see what’s happening to their shipments. In short, it allows them to truly and deeply interact with their shipments at points all along the supply chain continuum.

One of the most remarkable new features is dashboards. These allow users to approve, change, or cancel bookings one at a time. The view is completely user-controlled, giving users the ability to view shipments according to parameters such as origin city, factory, and destination. (The same parameters can be used to search for shipments.) Shipments labeled new or “hot” can be flagged, but PeerPLUS 2.1 goes beyond flagging. Rather, each designation is a potential point of action.

“Beyond enhanced views, dashboards facilitate interaction so that shipment details can be fine-tuned to prioritize the day’s work,” says Michael Van Hagen, Laufer’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Users can opt to delay shipments due to destination issues, for example, or book a faster vessel when the supply chain demands that the product arrives sooner.”

Instead of waiting for these kinds of changes to be made via comparatively slow email communication, users can interact with their Laufer team in real time. Changes are implemented quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

PeerPLUS 2.1 puts Laufer’s point of difference at the user’s fingertips. Unlike other freight forwarders, Laufer starts with the destination and uses its unique set of requirements to create shipping plans designed to work from the start. Arrival dates, on-site storage capabilities, loading dock capacity, and other details are crucial. Laufer starts with “when do you need it there,” then satisfies delivery issues, including overbooking, by offering customers intelligent, highly informed shipping options.

“Every shipment has a life of its own,” says Van Hagen. “Forty percent of bookings are changed before shipments depart. It could be quality control, export customs, typhoons - a whole host of things.  Empowering importers to navigate that with real visibility and flexibility puts our customers in control of their supply chains."

PeerPLUS 2.1 is a simple, state-of-the-art tool that makes those changes not just interactive but intuitive. It’s an advantage that transforms maximum visibility into maximum flexibility, combining expertise and technology to create a peerless customer experience.

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