Take Full Control With Custom Online Tools

Customized online tools improve visibility and control to help speed business

Challenges Our Client Faced

This client is a long-established, family-owned business that prides itself on personalized customer service and satisfaction. The company was facing difficulties tracking its supply shipments from overseas, which hampered how it managed its business, including:

  • Specific documentation not being provided expediently
  • Working with a forwarder that did not have sophisticated tracking and reporting systems
  • Not having clear visibility to monitor shipments, maintain accurate information, or gauge what products were in a container that was in transit

Why Laufer

The company evaluated several new providers and chose to work with Laufer for our:

  • Sophisticated visibility portal that could be customized to the client’s needs
  • Strategic counseling and knowledge sharing, enabling better decision making
  • Capability to consolidate containers and effectively allocate space at attractive rates

Laufer's Solutions

Through our consultative approach, the Laufer team probed the root causes of the difficulties the client faced, recommended the most appropriate products and services, and customized them to fit the client’s needs. Laufer developed a series of solutions to run on our online PeerPlus™ visibility tool, which offers real-time shipment status information, giving the client visibility and more control over its supply chain.

Using integrated Laufer applications, the client can manage its freight from origin with a clear view on:

  • Bookings and shipping documentation 7-10 days before sailing
  • Options to reroute, combine, delay, or expedite orders based on customer requirements
  • Purchase order status to monitor progress
  • Freight status, while in transit and delivered

The Laufer Difference

Laufer’s different approach gave this client distinctive business advantages. Working with Laufer, the client can proactively manage its freight at origin, rather than reacting to an adverse situation when it’s too late. Using Laufer’s sophisticated, customizable web-based tools, the client can access freight movement information in real time and respond quickly to changing demands. By being a better supplier, the client was able to attract and retain more customers.

Using Laufer’s PeerPlus™ visibility tool, the client can log into a secure account to access real-time information to track the progress of its supply chain and make critical business decisions. This sample shows a view on the status of active shipments.

  • A Active Shipments window
  • B Export information to an Excel file
  • C View completed ISF documents per item
  • D Click column headers to sort
  • E Click to view B/L details
  • F Shipment status details
  • G View customs details
  • H Click to access imaged commercial documents

Full Control