Purchase Order Management

Is your supply chain ready for
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We offer a proprietary and comprehensive Purchase Order (PO) Management System and web tracking system. From initial order placement to final delivery, you’ll receive real-time event-based PO management. We offer 4 additional layers of data for your PO number – SKU, Product, Quantity, and Type – all of which can be tracked independently. This level of visibility enables complete inventory control during the supply chain, regardless of status or mode of transport. You can also download reports into Excel to manipulate and format the data to your own unique requirements.

Our team of in-house IT Specialists can offer guidance and assistance while navigating the complexities of PO Management and electronic data exchanges – so you don’t have to. It’s why more and more customers come to Laufer to handle their logistics needs.

Vendor Management

Based on specific and predetermined PO events, like ex-factory, PO ready, ETD, and ETA, we will manage and report the compliance of your vendors. Exceptions will be visible in our secure web portal, giving you better supply and order management.

Our team collects and reviews commercial documentation, packing lists, certificates of origin, and more. We ensure for compliance and identify and report any documents which do not conform to requirements. Bills of Lading/Forwarder Cargo Receipt issuance will also be managed by our team of experts.

Warehouse/Inventory Management

Our portfolio of origin services is offered in all major origin/gateways and include:

  • Warehouse management and DC bypass capabilities
  • Inventory control
  • PO/SKU level manipulation/consolidation
  • Pick & pack services
  • PO 'take down' information (available via our portal)
  • PO/SKUs replenishment (available via our portal)

Virtual Office

Our extensive overseas office network uses our proprietary freight management system for all shipping functions. This control allows us to not only manage your consignments, but also act as your representatives at origin. We create commercial and shipping documents on your behalf, manage your vendors and buying agents, and offer Quality Control assistance (conditions apply). We can also establish and enforce controls on your behalf, so it’s just like having your own office at origin.

PO Management Services

  • Vendor management and compliance
  • PO/Vendor consolidation
  • Quality Control
  • Real-Time Event Tracking at PO level
  • Reporting Available (through our portal)
  • Booking / Loading updates
  • Auto Alerts
  • Warehouse Operations

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